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What is kareebu ?

kareebu is dedicated to keeping open source alive - this is a homegrown project which targets developing both commercial and non-commercial extensions for Joomla!. For now, we have only released kareebu Secure. This is a non-commercial (and it will stay this way) security plugin for Joomla!.

Get kareebu Secure now!

Administrator Wednesday, 21 April 2010 17:28 No comments

How can I contact you ?

We will setup a contact form to provide support as soon as possible. We've setup a contact form here. The website is still under development, we have a lot more features that we'd like to add.

Administrator Wednesday, 21 April 2010 21:52 No comments

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kareebu is offering protection for your Joomla! website by providing a plugin that will deny access to your administrator section.

We are also developing a new Joomla! security plugin that will contain much more, so stay tuned!

To get in touch with us or request a service, just use the contact form.